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What’s New in WordPress 6.4 and Release of Twenty Twenty Four Theme

A new version of WordPress is out and it has some overall improvements and a welcome new feature in the addition of a long overdue lightbox and the release of the newest theme, Twenty Twenty Four.

According to WP they write: “Twenty Twenty-Four is an elegant, versatile default theme designed with distinct use cases in mind, from writers and artists to entrepreneurs. Its extensive library of patterns and flexibility make it the ideal choice for a wide range of creative and business needs.”

Following in the tradition of Twenty Twenty Three and year-named themes that preceded it, this is an evolution that looks quite similar. the demos look to emphasize typography and minimalist graphic design.

Full-site editing continues to be a major element: you can not only edit your pages and posts but you can edit all of the site. That’s pretty revolutionary and though it was introduced in ___ this concept is still very new. Many folks long comfortable with the WordPress platform prefer to use conventional themes. We think it’s worth experimenting with block themes and full-site editing themes so we provide you with a site called Tdot Blocks, based on the default Twenty Twenty Four theme, when you set up a site on our network.

Says WordPress, “The Twenty Twenty-Four theme combines the latest Site Editor capabilities and design tools. Tap into the unmatched flexibility of building with blocks to bring your next project to life.”

We are undecided if we will ever use full-site editing for our sites. While we use it asa the current template for new sites on our network we often use Kadence theme and encourage our members to use Kadence as well (especially for advanced design layouts).

The major elements of this new WordPress edition:

  • Patterns (improved)
  • Light box (finally added)
  • Performance improvements

Patterns for page design

Patterns are pre-made elements of page layouts. WordPress is improving the way that patterns are organized and labelled.

Light box illuminates makes images stand out

Make your images stand out and enable lightbox functionality to let your site visitors enjoy full-screen, interactive images on click. Apply it globally or to specific images to customize the viewing experience.

Though their demo uses a white background for this, we’d recommend sticking with the traditional dark background, which will make most images truly stand out. For this purpose our sites also employ the Easy Fancybox light box.

Performance and Accessibility

WordPress is always trying to improve their product with improvements in new releases that address performance and accessibility

The WP team writes, “WordPress 6.4 includes more than 100 performance-related updates for a faster and more efficient experience.”

Interested in learning more?

Check out the blog post by Kadence themes which details more about what’s possible with WordPress 6.4 and the new 2024 WP theme.

Thanks for reading.

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