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Get Yourself a WordPress Site and Lift into Orbit

Welcome. Our community and site network is live now on this new platform called Tdot Connect. Visit the main page of our site at tdot.co. Please consider a membership (free community level or premium).

Do you have a website? Interested in creating one easily and professionally? Consider taking our WordPress course, and building your site at Tdot Connect.

Not long ago Google published results of a survey that showed 50% of Canadian small business did not have a website. I was shocked but on some level not surprised. Many people perceive a website as either unnecessary or too much work, especially as they struggle to keep up with the tasks that a small business must complete on a daily basis.

Tdot Connect, our community site, offers training via our online courses. Anyone can easily start to build a WordPress site. We can help you make it look and run professionally.

Sign up for our community site (it’s free) and upgrade your level from community to Plus or Pro to take the WordPress (or Photoshop) course. You will learn a lot and develop essential skills.

Our courses are targeted at beginners but assuming you have basic tech skills you will catch on quickly as you follow along with our tutorials.

Good luck and have fun with your (WordPress) website!

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