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If you review the pros and cons carefully it will help you make a decision. Our network is a great place to get your feet wet in the web world – but we understand that generally speaking, not everyone wants a site. Some people already have their own site (sometimes with Wix, Squarespace or Even if you have an existing site you can learn WordPress and work with the best themes using our site as a place to experiment.

Not all members use a site but all premium members are offered one or two sites (included in Plus and Pro memberships). Read on to learn more about our sites and network.

WordPress is the leader in web CMSs (content management systems) and we are happy our users can experience and learn how to use the most common web tech in the world (market leader at 40%).

In addition we have a support category on our blog that helps you with website management and WordPress.

Blog Posts about Websites and WordPress

We offer lots of support to our members. Here is a sampling of posts that help creators with their sites.

create a portfolio with Kadence theme and WordPress
Blog | Courses | Design | Support | Websites | WordPress

How I Created My Portfolio Site Using Kadence Theme and WordPress

Hello and welcome to my first post on the Tdot Connect site. I’m really excited to share some insights and tips on the topic of how to create a portfolio site on this network. First of all, you’ll need a premium membership which comes in two flavours: Plus and Pro. You’ll find they are similar…

What’s New in WordPress 6.4 and Release of Twenty Twenty Four Theme
Community | Support | Websites | WordPress

What’s New in WordPress 6.4 and Release of Twenty Twenty Four Theme

A new version of WordPress is out and it has some overall improvements and a welcome new feature in the addition of a long overdue lightbox and the release of the newest theme, Twenty Twenty Four. According to WP they write: “Twenty Twenty-Four is an elegant, versatile default theme designed with distinct use cases in…

Get Yourself a WordPress Site and Lift into Orbit
Blog | Support | Websites | WordPress

Get Yourself a WordPress Site and Lift into Orbit

Welcome. Our community and site network is live now on this new platform called Tdot Connect. Visit the main page of our site at Please consider a membership (free community level or premium). Do you have a website? Interested in creating one easily and professionally? Consider taking our WordPress course, and building your site…

Kadence theme WordPress CMS
Blog | Design | Websites | WordPress

Kadence May Be the Best WordPress Theme (Free or Premium this WP Tool is A Must Have)

I’ve used a lot of themes and many caused me to get excited after I discovered them. Usually a wide feature set and adaptability were key to my selection. I wanted a lot of features and the ability to customize my site. About a year ago I discovered Kadence and it has been a revelation…

Should You Use Linkinbio or Linktree to Promote Yourself or Your Own Website?
Design | Promotion | Social Media | Support | Training | Websites | WordPress

Should You Use Linkinbio or Linktree to Promote Yourself or Your Own Website?

Have you noticed a trend that creatives, businesses and various influencers and regular folks alike are using either linkinbio or linktree for their primary link on social media sites like Instagram? It’s an interesting trend and while we understand why people are doing it, our gut feeling is that you would be better served by…

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