Our Sites and Professional WordPress Platform

Welcome to our sites page. Ready to make something amazing? Start today.

In this section we outline some of the benefits to membership and how you might make a decision to get a membership and create a site (always optional).

Reasons to create a site with us:

  • promote yourself via an online space that you can call your own
  • expand beyond the limitations of working only on social media
  • learn professional skills in media and web design
  • gain experience with WordPress, the #1 web platform
  • save money while figuring out what kind of site you may want to build (our sites are cheaper than full hosting packages, yet offer advanced support and tools)

If you review the pros and cons carefully it will help you make a decision. Our network is a great place to get your feet wet in the web world – but we understand that generally speaking, not everyone wants a site. Some people already have their own site (sometimes with Wix, Squarespace or WordPress.com). Even if you have an existing site you can learn WordPress and work with the best themes using our site as a place to experiment.

Not all members use a site but all premium members are offered one or two sites (included in Plus and Pro memberships). Read on to learn more about our sites and network.

WordPress is the leader in web CMSs (content management systems) and we are happy our users can experience and learn how to use the most common web tech in the world (market leader at 40%).

In addition we have a support category on our blog that helps you with website management and WordPress.