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Kadence May Be the Best WordPress Theme (Free or Premium this WP Tool is A Must Have)

Kadence theme WordPress CMS

I’ve used a lot of themes and many caused me to get excited after I discovered them. Usually a wide feature set and adaptability were key to my selection. I wanted a lot of features and the ability to customize my site. About a year ago I discovered Kadence and it has been a revelation to me, completely re-energizing my enthusiasm for WordPress in general. I love making websites with this software!

This desire for expanded functionality and high degrees of usability hasn’t changed but what has changed is that I have moved many of my sites from the very good Divi theme to the absolutely killer Kadence theme. Kadence is like a an ice cream with nuts and topping that makes the core WordPress features rise to another level. Sorry for the snack metaphor but I think you can see what I mean by saying WordPress is a solid vanilla ice cream and themes like Kadence bring that sundae quality to the whole deal. Kadence elevates the WP experience to another level.

Kadence Free is Better than Many Premium Themes

I fist learned about Kadence, and tried the free version, after I watched a video by WPcrafter. It wasn’t the first reference but it sold me on the validity of giving this one a shot. Probably the two most compelling reasons were the testimony that the features in the free Kadence simply blow away many paid themes, and that it builds on top of WordPress is an elegant and practical way, particularly with their excellent Kadence Blocks. Read more about this in the next section.

We use Kadence Pro Theme on Tdot Connect site network

By the way, users on our site network have the option to use Kadence and we offer the pro version which has a ridiculous number of bells and whistles. We’re sure our members will love it.

Kadence Blocks are the killer ingredient in the Kadence special sauce

The Kadence theme is fast and easily customizable – in a shocking number of ways you can make your site unique. but probably the best feature is the Kadence Blocks plugin.

We use Kadence Blocks Pro on Tdot Connect site network

As per the previous section we offer our users the premium Kadence Blocks in addition to the pro theme. There is a nearly unlimited number of standout features in these blocks, which ride on top of the core WordPress blocks system and enhance it with a ton of functionality.

Try Kadence Today – You Won’t Regret it

Are you interested in trying the Kadence theme? It’s very easy to create a temporary site to give it a spin or even switch your current site over. But of course it would take some time to get our content tweaked and looking exactly right, no matter what theme you use.

What you will find is that Kadence will allow you to tweak to your heart’s content. Open the WordPress customizer or the post / block controls in the sidebar and you will be SHOCKED at the number of parameters you can customize. It is really incredible.

Our members can use all the features of Kadence Theme pro and Kadence Blocks pro and we expect many or most will tinker with WordPress default themes and then make he move to Kadence. And when you do it will be likely that you find that you can never go back. It really is that good.

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