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Contributors Get Free Membership (Create a Blog Post, Lead a Meetup or Workshop, Design a Course)

our members contribute to our sites

Some of our membership levels are paid and some are free. Though we don’t have a free membership level on our sign up page, it is possible to get free membership if you contribute to this site or our sister sites (for example tdotshots.com, tdot.com/events).

We currently offer our contributing members a “Connect Plus – Free One Year” membership. This is the same as a regular Plus membership. But we waive the fee for your first year. If you contribute a second time, we can credit you and add a year to your membership.

Do you have an idea for a contribution? Shoot us an email and tell us about it.

We are always looking for:

  • blog post articles (ideally 500-1000 words or more)
  • photography and art (your own or something we can legally repost)
  • new events and event leaders (for photo walks, meetups, workshops)
  • course ideas and course designers (creative, photography, art)

Please get in touch via our contact page and tell us how you might contribute! We will set up your membership after we get the contribution process underway.

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