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Welcome to the site. Please read the following. This agreement is provided for the guests and members of Tdot Connect / If you have questions about these documents, please reach out via email.

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Community Rules

Be nice. We do not tolerate trolling, flaming, commercial or abusive behaviour in our blogs, comments sections, forums or anywhere else on our site. Engaging in this behaviour will result in removal.

Be professional. Our community exists to provide creative support and training. Other than in your profile, users shall not conduct marketing, excessive self-promotion or engage in otherwise spammy behaviour. Your communication within our blogs and forums should be professional and relevant to the topic of discussion. Off topic posts will be deleted.

Visitors and members who violate our terms may be banned or blocked.

Membership, payments, refunds

At present our memberships are for a period of 12 months (365 days). This is an automatically renewing subscription. You can upgrade or downgrade your account. This may involve issuing a refund and initiating a new sign up. Refunds are subject to admin approval. We provide refunds within the first 14 days of your paid membership. Payment records are kept in our payment gateways (Stripe and PayPal). We do not keep billing information including card details, address or your telephone number records on our site. To request a receipt or to ask a question about your membership please contact us.

Courses and Sites

Our membership foundation is based on our blogs, forums, events, courses and sites. Community rules, as outlined above, apply additionally to the use of our courses and sites. We do not tolerate unprofessional, spammy or abusive behaviour in our learning and training areas or on our network websites. Your use of a website at Tdot Connect is conditional; the provision of the site is for supporting you in learning how to use WordPress and that the portfolio’s content is of a creative or professional nature. If you want a website for other purposes, consider getting your own web hosting. We don’t offer business, e-commerce, organization or influencer capacity sites. We may cancel your site if your requirements exceed typical use cases (portfolio site, personal blog). Pro-rated refunds will be offered.

Access to Membership Site and Materials

Your access to our site, including the main pages and posts, to the courses and course supporting materials, including documents, forums and portfolio sites, is available to you so long as you maintain your membership.


Our content, including articles, blog posts, pages, courses, course lessons, images, video and other media are protected by copyright. Member created media is also protected by copyright. You cannot republish or distribute our content without our explicit permission. Please respect our collective works. If you are given permission to repost creative works, always remember to fully credit the creator.

Contributions and Publishing of Your Posts and Content

We welcome contributions to our blog. You can submit proposals, full posts and media including photos and video, and we will review it and provide feedback. Publish only to your own site or optionally contribute to our parent sites.

Submit your content via email or our “Contribute” page. Your content remains yours. You retain all rights to your work. We do not pay for contributions unless the content is sponsored by a third party. Our member community site does not contain advertising but we may repost your articles and content on one of our network sites that could one day implement advertising to support our work.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. It is Tdot Connect /'s policy to respect your privacy and comply with any applicable law and regulation regarding any personal information we may collect about you, including across our websites, and, and other sites we own and operate.

We may use cookies to facilitate the smooth functionality of the site for visitors and members. For complete details view the privacy policy page.